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Hello - Welcome to the Bio page of Miss Bidoli, your child's math teacher this year on Team 8N.  This is the start of Miss Bidoli's 12th year at our school district (four at the Senior High, eight at the Junior High).  An avid fan of mathematics, Darlene went to undergraduate school at California University of Pennsylvania, studying computer science and math.  For 19 years she worked as a Programmer/Systems Analyst in retail and banking, then transferred into the education field.  Miss Bidoli chose Millersville University to continue her studies in math and obtain her teaching certification, earning a Master's Degree in 2010.  It is her sincere wish that this school year is a successful one for your child; she is always willing to provide support in order to attain that goal.  
When not teaching, Miss Bidoli enjoys riding her new bike (not "motorcycle", the kind you pedal!), jogging, going to the gym, cleaning (for real!), and reading non-fiction books.  She is also a die-hard Steelers fan, having been born and raised in Pittsburgh.  Her greatest source of pride, though, is her children:  Adlaine, a graphic designer who lives in Philadelphia; and Alex, a news reporter living in Charlotte, NC.
Please click on this link to access her and the team's webpage...  https://sites.google.com/a/rlschools.net/jhteam8n/