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    Mr. Bellenbaum has been teaching for 17 years, 13 of which have been at Red Lion Area Junior High School.  Prior to Red Lion, he taught for Biology, Animal Behavior, and Environmental classes for 4 years at Chesapeake High School in Baltimore County Maryland.  Additionally he has many years of work experience in manufacturing and business.



    His passion for science started when he was a young child with rocket building and trips to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.  His other passion is soccer which he has also enjoyed since he was 5 years old.  For a period of 8 years he was an assistant coach with the boys and girls Red Lion Area High School soccer team.  This year Mr. B. has returned to help with the girls' High School soccer team, and he looks forward to a wonderful year teaching your child how to think using the scientific method!


Mr. Bellenbaum is the science teacher for Team 7C (Champions) at the Junior High School.  The team webpage can be viewed at this location Team 7C Webpage.