About Me:

Mr. Dellinger is a York County native and a 2010 graduate from York College of Pennsylvania with a degree in Secondary Education General Science and a minor in Biology. Mr. Dellinger's heart resides in family, the outdoors, and science.

Mr. Dellinger and his wife reside in Red Lion with their one and a half year old son, "Elijah" and their Australian Shepherd "Opal". As a fan of the outdoors he enjoys hunting and canvasses his classroom with camouflage. In the spring and early summer Mr. Dellinger tries to go trout fishing as often as possible. He finds the time by the creek very relaxing and always enjoys connecting with nature and science. Mr. Dellinger also enjoys hiking at Richard Nixon and Lake Redman. At home he tries to maintain a vegetable garden. Throughout the summer he also likes to find a way to get down to the Outer Banks or the cabin in the mountains of Potter County. Mr. Dellinger's passion for teaching students about science stems mostly from his interest in the natural world itself and his appreciation for it.
Mr. Dellinger's student teaching placement was in the Red Lion Junior High during 2011. He has been a full time 7th grade general science teacher at the junior high since the 2011-2012 school year. In addition to teaching his content area Mr. Dellinger also is a member on the building PRIDE Committee, the district ETCC (Educational Technology in Curriculum Committee), and the District Comprehensive Planning Committee. Recently, he had the privilege to attend the PETE&C  (Pennsylvania Educational and Technology Expo & Conference) in Hershey, Pennsylvania where he was able to gain valuable insight into new technology tools that can increase student achievement through authentic assignments and greater collaboration.

Science is supposed to be an engaging and exciting subject. It is the hope of Mr. Dellinger that the students entering his classroom will experience a learning environment that they feel comfortable in and can enjoy while learning about various topics of science.
Mr. Dellinger has recently finished his Master's degree in 21st Century Teaching from Wilkes University and is looking forward to implementing the instructional methods and strategies he has learned through his coursework.

Mr. Dellinger strives to create a learning environment that fosters quality relationships between the teacher and student as well as student to student so that learning can be our main focus. He also does his best to incorporate high quality, technology supported, authentic assignments that mimic the real world experience for his students. Mr. Dellinger feels that connectedness to the world beyond the classroom is vitally important to understanding the content being taught during science class.
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