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Mrs. Morgan was born and raised here in York County. She grew up in Hanover where she attended South Western School District. Following high school, Mrs. Morgan attended Millersville University as an undergraduate.  She completed her student teaching at Dallastown Area High School and received her Bachelor's Degree from Millersville University in December 1993. Mrs. Morgan taught mathematics at Columbia Jr./Sr. High School from January 1993 to February 1998.  She then taught 7th and 8th grade mathematics at Ephrata Middle School from February 1998 to May 1990.  Mrs. Morgan had a desire to come back to her home county to teach and accepted a position to teach mathematics at Red Lion Area Junior High School in the summer of 1999.  Mrs. Morgan continued her graduate work at Millersville University and graduated with a Master's Degree in Mathematics Education in May 2000.



Mrs. Morgan is the math teacher on Team 8O.  You can access the team page at